Wednesday, August 28, 2013

TURKEY ~Nemrut Dağ - UNESCO~

Received this interesting and strange looking collection of huge statues postcard today...
Thanks a lot Onder!!

With lovely souvenir sheet with the theme
  "Our Local Foods Central Anatolia"
 (Issued 16-08-2013)
Nemrut Dağı, or Mount Nemrut, is a 2134 meter tall mountain in eastern Turkey.Lost to memory for 2000 years, the mountaintop south of Malatya and north of Adıyaman and Kahta, was rediscovered by a geologist in 1881.

It  is one of Turkey's most astounding sights: an artifical mountaintop framed by two great temples littered with colossal statues. On it are two hierothesiums, open-air shrines to the gods, with huge limestone statues of Apollo, Fortuna, Zeus, Heracles, and Antiochus I Epiphanes, King of Commagene.

It became a WHS UNESCO site in 1987.