Thursday, August 1, 2013

ITALY ~ROME -The Roman Forum -UNESCO~

...A magnificent evening view showing The Roman Forum beautiful illuminated...It is still an impressive sight even after 2500 years...And a big thanks once again Johan for bringing back all those wonderful memories of this beautiful and historic city with amazing art and architecture!! Italy is one of the few countries I visited during a school holiday a looooong time ago... ^__^

Nice stamp too!

The Roman Forum (Forum Romanum) was the central area of the city around which ancient Rome developed. Here was where commerce, business, prostitution, cult and the administration of justice took place. Space where religious activities were conducted and the communal hearth of the city.

The Roman Forum was designed by the architect Vitruvius.

The main sight of the Forum include the Arch of Titus, the Temple of Saturn, Temple of Vesta, and the church of San Luca e Martina. These are all linked by the Sacra Via, the main road through the Forum.

 Rome's historic center was chosen as a world heritage site primarily for its ancient Roman monuments.

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