Thursday, July 18, 2013

VATICAN CITY ~Pope Francis I~

Wonderful card sent from Vatican showing our newest Pope Pope Francis waving  to the crowds on his inauguration....He looks a very friendly man ^__^... Thanks so much Johan !!!

With nice stamp:
Religions  Apostolic journeys of His Holiness Benedict XVI
2009 - Praga (Issued 15-11-2010)
Francis born Jorge Mario Bergoglio 17 December 1936) is the 266th and current pope of the Catholic Church.Born in Buenos Aires as the son of Italian parents. He was ordained a priest in 1969. He became Archbishop of Buenos Aires in 1998, and a cardinal in 2001. Following the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, on 13 March 2013 the papal conclave elected Bergoglio, who chose the papal name Francis in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi. Francis is the first Jesuit pope, the first pope from the Americas, and the first from the Southern Hemisphere.

Vatican City  is a landlocked sovereign city-state whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome.  Vatican City is the smallest internationally recognized independent state in the world by both area and population. The Pope is also the Head of State and Government of the Vatican City State.

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