Monday, July 15, 2013

USA ~Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site-Colorado~

...Great postcards representing a sad part of  USA history...Bought at the site itself make this really special postcards... It's about one of the most important military actions during the Indian Wars...
"The Sand Creek Massacre", a symbolic, controversial, spiritual site...Thanks a million Debbie!!
Dedicated as a National Historic Site, April 28 2007
This view depicts the poles from Black Kettles Tee pee with the American flag he was flying and a white flag for peaceful. When he heard the attack was coming he raised a large US flag as well as a white flag to a lodge pole and stood waving it in front of his tipi.
Back of the card filled with details about the attack.

Nov. 27, 1868, US. Cavalry troops shot Black Kettle and his wife from their ponies as they fled across the Washita River. More than 156 Cheyenne were killed or captured while 21 "Blue Coats" died and 16 were wounded.

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