Wednesday, May 1, 2013

SRI LANKA ~Under water Hikkaduwa~

Beautiful postcard of one my favourite subjects, marine life...amazing corals and  fish species of various shapes, sizes and colors...sadly enough the postcard was damaged during's the first time this happens although I already received so many postcards of Sri Lanka!!:(
But I still love it...Thanks a lot Ravindra for showing me this time a "natural wonder" of your island!^__^

With another set of great stamps!!
Hikkaduw is the most beautiful coral reef in Sri Lanka which is found about 62 miles from the capital and well known for the coral formations which constitute a miniature Barrier Reef. It is known as a paradise for skin-divers as the sea is very calm and due to this the underwater visibility extends for about more than 100 feet.
 You can hire a glass bottomed boat or goggles an flippers and explore the fantasies under your feet.


  1. Wat een lelijke vouw. Gelukkig zie je de afbeelding nog en dat het dus een mooie kaart is!