Tuesday, May 14, 2013

GERMANY ~Berliner Dom-Festival of Lights~

Wonderful view of the cathedral transformed by light projections in something magical!!
(DE-2093629)Thanks Maria!

“Light is life, light is energy, light is able to speak all languages of the world and light connects people” 
                                                                                      (by native Berliner Birgit Zander)

Nice ATM stamp showing the Post Tower Bonn
 (Issued 24.10.08)

The Berliner Dom is a baroque Cathedral built between 1894 and 1905. It is located on an island in the river Spree, also known as the Museum Island. The current building is the third church built at this location.known as the "Protestant St. Peter's."The Berlin Cathedral has never been a cathedral in the actual sense of that term since it has never been the seat of a bishop.

Berlin Festival of Lights is one of the largest illumination festivals in the world. Each year in october it transforms Berlin’s world famous landmarks and some lesser known buildings through light projections, laser animations and video projections.

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