Friday, March 15, 2013

ITALY ~Vatican city~

...A great multiview fom Vatican city a "hot" news item these days... the choosing of a new pope....

But the most special about this card is the stamp...Thanks so much Rita for this collector's item:
a "sede vacante" stamp... It is the seventh time that a stamp has been issued to mark the vacant see since the tradition began in 1939... Marking the first pope's resignation in 600 years makes it even more special!!...a little piece of this special moment in the history of the Catholic Church...

 With great stamp from a set of 4 showing an image of an angel raising the pavilion (umbraculum) over a pair of crossed keys,
the work of Italian artist Daniela Longo.
(Issued 01-03-2013)

1. Aerial view of Saint Angelo castle, Tevere and Saint Peter's cathedral.
2.Pope Benedict XVI.
3.Pieta of Michelangelo.
4.St. Peter's baldachin.

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