Monday, March 11, 2013

CANADA ~Blue Whale~

...It's always a pleasure to get a new whale card for my collection.. This is a different kind one...Amazing illustrations with great scientific detail...Look at the size of the  whale compared to the elephant and man. Thanks so much Laura  for this lovely surprise!!

I do like the stamps:
Vancouver Aquarium 1956-2006 (Issued: 15-06-2006)
"The marvels of marine life"
..But for me those wonderful creatures don't belong in an aquarium.:(
And New Brunswick stamp 200th Issue.

In 1891, the trio of Jung, Koch and Quentell  made their name in the world of education with beautifully designed biology diagrams.
Reprinted Mid-centery  by a collection German  firms, these charts have become a classic fixture in many science classroom. (Date of publicing 1968)

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