Tuesday, February 5, 2013

SRI LANKA ~Sigiriya Rock~

...It's almost unbelievable that this enormeus rock standing in the middle of the jungle has so many hidden secrets.. Thanks so much dear Ravindra for this last "Sigirya" rock postcard to complete my whole collection... and to make me discover this amazing natural wonder through postcards!!

I repeat myself.^__^
Again with wonderful stamps especially the colorful flower one!!
Sigiriya is an archelological site and it contains the ruins of an ancient palace complex, built during the regin of King Kasyapa (477AD - 495 AD).

Sigiriya Lion Rock rises 360 meters above sea level. While it is not a Bud­dhist pil­grim­age site, it is very impor­tant his­tor­i­cally and archae­o­log­i­cally. It was also home dur­ing sep­a­rate peri­ods of hun­dreds of years to Bud­dhist monas­tic orders.


  1. If you're looking for a romantic destination, then Sri Lanka is an impeccable choice!!!!

    1. ...All I know from Sri Lanka is through the many postcards received...but as it is called "the pearl of the Indian Ocean" it must be for sure a dream holiday destination! :)

      Thanks for visiting.^__^