Friday, February 1, 2013


Received my 4 postcard from Liechtenstein...and finally showing something else than "Vaduz Castle"...
I do love all the snowy mountain views, it looks idyllic... on a postcard!! ^__^
...I'm no so fond of snow...we just had a few weeks with snow here in Belgium and immediately there are lots of problems, bad road conditions, buses and train delays... Maybe at a ski resort it all feels different...can't know, I never been to one!! Thanks a lot Ruedi and Sirinya!!

With nice stamp: Castles in Liechtenstein "Schellenberg Ruins" (Issued 14-11-2011)
Malbun is the only resort for skiing in Liechtenstein with 23km piste between 1300-2000m. It is located at 5,200 ft (1,600 metres) above sea level in the Alps and only few kilometers from the Austrian border.

The Sareiserjoch is a mountain ridge near the top of the chairlift from Malbun. It serves as an ideal starting point for skiers and snowboarders to head back down into the valley on the excellent pistes.

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  1. Dear Gerda, thanks for following my blog and also comment on the Ethiopian postal! I think Ethiopia has something to do with Liechtenstein: it is difficult to get a postcard from them. But the reasons are antagonistic: Ethiopia has large population, but is poor, Liech is rich, but few people have...