Monday, January 21, 2013

SWEDEN ~Westcoast~

...Believe it or not...I finally received my first postcard from Sweden...after years of collecting and receiving cards from the most exotic places, I still missed this European county...
...a wonderful idylic panoramic coast view, well worth the long wait...
Big thanks to ??? (sorry, can't read the name and I can't even remember for which swap this was...must be the age. ^__^)Thanks a lot Szilard for contacting me and for this wonderful first postcard from Sweden!!^__^

Nice self-adhesive stamp "Lacko Castle" (Issued 28-01-2010)
The Bohuslän coast stretches from Gothenburg, one of Sweden’s three largest cities, northwards to the border with Norway, and beside this coastline lies the Western Archipelago, a spectacular seascape of 8,000 islands, islets, skerries and rocky outcrops.


  1. To the sender: Please contact me so I can send you a postcard in return!!
    Thanks again. Groetjes, Gerda

  2. if it didnt say Sweden, I would have thought it was Norway....such a lovely peaceful scene!