Monday, January 28, 2013


...Sweet postcard in a great cover!! Thanks a lot Viviana for this lovely surprise!!!
Best wishes for you too! ^__^

Stamps on the left:
Literature, Press and Comics (Newspapers & Journalists) stamp
Subject 200th Anniversary of the Gazeta de Buenos (Issued 05-06-2010)
Economy & Industry History (History of Peoples) stamp
Subject 2010 Population, Accomodation and Lodging (Issued 18-09-2010)
Argentina's Traditional Games - Bowls and "Truco".(Issued 27-10-2010)

Stamps on the right:
Couldn't find anything about the star stamp (Issued 2012)
Aviation Geography & Meteorology (Artic and Antarctica) stamp
Subject The First Argentine Landing at the South Pole 1962-2012 (Issued 03-03-2012)

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