Friday, December 21, 2012

SRI LANKA ~Ruins of King Kashyapa's palace-UNESCO ~

...More of Sri Lanka's wonderful history...It doesn't show that good on the postcard but it is on an impressive giant rock (saw it on internet)...Looks like to be be a real climb on the stone stairway to the top of the mountain... And the view must be amazing!!! Many thanks Ravindra!:D

Lovely Christmas stamp (Issued 12-12-2012) and my second one with the special postmark:
Sigiriya is an archelological site and it contains the ruins of an ancient palace complex, built during the regin of King Kasyapa (477AD - 495 AD).

Sigiriya Lion Rock rises 360 meters above sea level. While it is not a Bud­dhist pil­grim­age site, it is very impor­tant his­tor­i­cally and archae­o­log­i­cally. It was also home dur­ing sep­a­rate peri­ods of hun­dreds of years to Bud­dhist monas­tic orders.

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