Friday, December 7, 2012

SRI LANKA ~Avukana~

... I was wrong, here another Sri Lanka postcard received in 2012...a large card with a huge fantastic statue on...had to look up how tall it was in a height of 12 meters is this the tallest Buddha statue in existence on the island... must be really overwhelming to stand next to him!!:D Many thanks Ravindra!!

As asual the back shows lovely stamps!!
This remarkable Budha Statue is 38 feet 10 inches in height. The statue here has been completely carved out of a large boulder still connected by a strip of rock on its back. It is believed to be the work of King Dhatusena (459-477AD) who constructed the Kalawewa reservori. There are some cave inscriptions belonging to the 1C BC and 8-9C AD at this Archeological site.

The Avukana statue is a statue of Buddha near Kekirawa in North Central Sri Lanka.

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