Thursday, December 13, 2012

AUSTRALIA ~Tasmania-Tasmanian Devil~

...Great postcard of a "not so friendly" looking animal...look at his teeth...I do like this kind of postcards...don't have to search a lot for information about the image on the postcard.:D
And nice to know that it's coming from the island itself!! Thanks a lot Kathryn!!

With lovely Olympics stamp!This issue is the second of three being released for the Olympics 2012 in London.It carries the symbol of the IOC, commemorates the performances of Australia's athletes at the Olympic Games. Represented on the stamp is the sport of Pole Vault.
The Tasmanian devil can only be found on the island, Tasmania and has only recently been classified as "endangered". Up until 2008, this marsupial was listed as "vulnerable" - that has now changed because:
- Farmers used to hunt them.
- They are often hit by cars as they feed on other road-killed animals.
- A contagious form of cancer that affects only Tasmanian Devils is spreading very quickly.

Tasmania is of course popular due to the Warner cartoon character Taz, The Tasmanian Devil.

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