Monday, October 22, 2012

USA ~Fort Jefferson Lighthouse~

...Nice card showing one of the 115 lighthouses of Michigan that has also 5000km of freshwater shoreline, the world only floating post office (would love to see how that looks :D) and the world's busiest locks...(US-1905725)Thanks a lot Jeff for all this great information you wrote on the card!!

Great matching stamp:Gulf Coast Lighthouses Stamped Cards (Issued on July 23-07- 2009) from the popular series of Lighthouses stamps presenting five Gulf Coast Lighthouses.
The Earthscapes forever stamps "Cranberry Harvest"
Aloha Shirts stamp (19-01-2012)

Built in 1876, Fort Jefferson Lighthouse (also known as Garden Key Ligjt) helped warn sea traffic away from the dangerous shoals and reefs that surrounded the Florida Keys until it was deactivated in 1912 but currently acts as a harbor light, guiding vessels safely into the anchorage outside Fort Jefferson. Today the hexagonal lighthouse is part of Dry Tortygas National Park.

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