Tuesday, October 16, 2012

UNITED KINGDOM ~Dover's Castle~

Very imposing and so huge castle in a wonderful setting on the coast of Dover... Must be an amazing view on top of the tower and loooking over the sea...Thanks Margaret!!(GB-367416)

Machin definitive & Country stamps (Issued 25-04-2012)
Dover Castle, one of medieval England's most strategically important fortificationsand and also one of the most famous of European fortresses, stands above the Kentish coast's famous white cliffs at the narrowest point of the English Channel.
Also known as ‘The Key to England’ (because it was never defeated) it has over 2000 Years of History, from an Iron Age fort, Roman lighthouse and Saxon church to the Castle that is seen today with the massive Great Tower built by Henry II.


  1. Oh, I visited this castle some years ago, and it is really imposing. It's an amazing postcard, I love it!