Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SPAIN ~Begur~

Could have been a wonderful postcard (ES-182880)... the view is ruined by this ugly postmark on sad...I don't mind a bit of damage (shows that the card has travelled)...but why does one something like this...I don't understand. :( Thanks Berta!!

With nice stamp: "IAtento a la conducción" Attentive driving (Issued 09-01-2012) Lose the call, not your life!
Begur is situated in Catalonia, in the Catalan speaking part of Spain.
In the frontside you can see a part of Begun with behind a little cape, where you find a town called "Estartit" and also a sea-protected aera known as "Medas Island" (Illes Medes) further away is the Cross Cape (Cape De Creus) almost in France! Great information all written by the sender!! Great!!

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