Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SOUTH KOREA ~Tumuli Park-Gyeongju-UNESCO~

South Korea card nr2...The view looks so peaceful and even mysterious...beautiful grass-covered hills in a fantastic setting!! Thanks a lot Johnson!!

With nice stamps: Special shaped Philately Week Special Stamp((Issued 09-08-2012)
Wild Grapes stamp (Issued 10-09-2001) and Arctous ruber stamp (Issued 10-07-2007)
Gyeongju was the capital of the Silla kingdom. The tombs of the Silla rulers can still be found in the centre of the city. These tombs took the shape of rock chambers buried in an earthen hill, sometimes likened with the pyramids. Excavated tombs reveal wooden coffins covered with gravel and rich grave goods of gold, glass, and quality ceramics. A famous example of a tomb in this park is the Heavenly Horse Tomb which contained a mural painting on birch bark saddle flap of a winged horse.

The historic area around Gyeongju was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage in 2000.

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