Friday, October 12, 2012

NETHERLANDS ~Wintertime bicycles~

Lovely wintery scene from Holland (NL-1477097)...I do like cycling... but I'm not so fond of snow and not at all of cycling in the snow!!:D Bedankt Nienke!!

With great stamps ( printed before the euro, still in guldens):
Stamp WillemIII&Mary StuartII (Issued 14-06-1988)
Stamp showing Women's suffrage meeting (60th anniv of Women's suffrage) (Issued 1979)
Stamp for golden jubilee of the wedding of Queen Juliana with Prince Bernhard (Issued 1987)

Cycling for the Dutch is a way of life, it is the most popular form of daily transport; using a bicycle for daily needs is fun, convenient and almost for free!
The quality of bicycle lanes (fietspaden) is very high throughout the country.

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