Monday, October 15, 2012

COSTA RICA ~San-Jose National Theatre~

Costa Rica mostly known for its beautiful beaches, sea, palm trees.. has also wonderful architectue...
And the most special for me is that this great building was designed by Belgian architects...what a coincidence!! Thanks a lot Erick!

With lovely ATM stamp dedicated to the tourist area "the Gulf of Papagayo", it shows the image of a shoal of reef fish.
This design was first used in the Correo Central or San José main post office counters on August 25th 2010... a spot varnish with the text CORREOS DE COSTA RICA, in 2 lines, visible only when tilting the stamp slightly, in front of a light. (yes, I've seen it!:D)

This theatre was built in 1897 and is considered as San Jose's Architectural gem. It was designed by Belgian architects and decorated by Italian artists. With its 1,000 seats stone and metal structure it offers performances by the world´s most famous of artists.

Wealthy coffee barons voted a tax on coffee exports to fund construction of a theater. Craftsmen were brought in from Europe were imported to build the magnificent structure with a classical Renaissance facade. The Theater was inaugurated in October 1897, with a performance of Faust by the Paris Opera and its famous Corps de Ballet.

Statues on the outside of the theater represent Dance, Music, and Fame. The inside foyer is decorated in pink marble with allegorical figures of Comedy and Tragedy. Beautiful murals depict native Costa Rican themes. A giant crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling.

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