Wednesday, May 23, 2012

RUSSIA ~Siberia-Beloye (White) Lake~

Received a stunning nature view with a clear blue lake from Siberia...(RU-973173)Thanks a lot Ludmila!!

Nice stamps too!
The Altai Region is situated in the south-eastern part of West Siberia in East Central Asia, where Russia, China,Mongolia and Kazakhstam come togheter. 

Altai is deservedly called "the pride and pearl" of Siberia. There is probably no other place that combines the beauty of Tibet and the Alps like this marvelous corner of the world. Visitors to Altai are captivated by its singular beauty. The word "Altai" means "golden mountains" in the local language.
Thousands of beautiful pure‑water lakes and rivers are located in the Altai Krai.

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