Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SAMOA ~Aquatic Centre~

Received this nice card from a new place ...A view of the Samoa Aquatic Centre, a world-class facility built especially for the South Pacific Games. The completion of the structure saw Samoa move to have the only other certified aquatic centre, outside Australia, in the Pacific region.(It was the venue for the 2007 Oceania Swimming Championships, and the 2010 Oceania Swimming Championships.) Thanks Rod!!

With two nice stamps! A $2 overprinted millennium stamp and a church stamp of a set of twelve stamps features the Churches of Samoa.
Samoa consisting of 10 islands, in the hart of the Pacific Ocean below the equator, the islands are half between New Zealand and Hawaii. From 1962 to 1997, the nation was known as Western Samoa, until it dropped the title ‘Western’ from its name to become the Independent State of Samoa.

Interesting to know is that Samoa switched time zones on December 29, 2011!!When the change occurred in December Samoa skipped Friday December 30 entirely and begin the following day as Saturday, December 31.


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