Friday, April 13, 2012

GERMANY ~Bayreuth-Old Castle~

Great castle view form Germany (DE-1328205)...It looks really big and I love the colors of it...But the city is best known for its association with the composer Richard Wagner, who lived in Bayreuth from 1872 until his death in 1883.Thanks Anke!!
Bayreuth is a city in northern Bavaria, Germany, on the Red Main river in a valley between the Frankish Alb and the Fichtelgebirge.
The Hermitage is also known as the Altes Schloss, or Old Castle. It was constructed between 1715 and 1718 as a birthday present for Margravine Wilhelmine. It was later enlarged, adding a music room and other areas to the palace. Other parts were added by Joseph Saint-Pierre. In the gardens, which are laid out in a traditional style, you will find an orangery. The palace and grounds are open to the public.

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