Thursday, April 5, 2012


This is my second card from French Polynesia and I must say the first card is one of my all time favorites (a whale card) but this is almost as great and I think it looks amazing!:D:D According to the internet the island is the most picturesque and one of Polynesia's best-kept secrets....It just looks such a peaceful and relaxing place!
...“A Beautiful Slice of French Polynesian Heaven”... Thanks a million Rod!!

With lovely stamps and postmark. The ´MS Hanseatic´ was commissioned by Hapag-Lloyd in 1993, and is classed as a luxurious cruise ship and one of the finest expedition vessels.!!
Huahine itself is actually 2 islands known as Huahine-Nui and Huahine-Iti (Big Huahine and little Huahine). Interconnected by a bridge.
With steep mountains descending into protected bays of azure blue and emerald green colors, the island is also one of the more geographically diverse of the Society Group.
Also known as "The Garden Island" due to its abundance of lush green tropical foliage and wild jungle-like scenery, Huahine is one of the more interesting of the Society Islands to explore.

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