Sunday, February 19, 2012

ITALY ~Venice~

Received this stunning loooong panaromic card (couldn't even scan the whole card) of Venice (IT-168323), known as the most romantic city in the world... I visited it a long time ago! It brings back such lovely memories of the great time I had there.
...And I know what you mean Roberto when you say that the "magic" light of this place impresses everyone and that it makes everything even more beautiful and almost unreal... Thanks you so much for this amazing card!!:D

With also great stamp and postmark celebrating the Italian military missions abroad. (Date of issue 12/11/2011)
Design shows, in the foreground on the left, a member of the Italian armed forces, and, in the background, a detail of planet Earth and the viewfinder of a telescope.

The City of Venice is Capital of the Veneto region in Italy. It is famous for its canals, gondolas and spectacular architecture.


  1. what beautiful postcards and blog I wish to receive cards as beautiful as yours i´m gonna follow your lovely blog
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  2. Hi Rita,
    Thanks for visiting and your nice comments... Groetjes, Gerda