Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SRI LANKA ~Gurulu Raksha Mask~

Got this great and a bit different card today...The snake or Naga as it is called, symbolizes protection. It is said amongst Sri lankan people that having these in homes brings good luck and protection, many locals hang a Gurulu Raksha mask outside their houses to ward away demons...
So by hanging this on my postcard board I hopefully will also be protected against "evel spirits"!:D Thanks Ravindra!!

...And each time with different and wonderful stamps!!

The Gurulu (Garuda Raksha) is the portrait of a mythical bird devouring a snake.
This is a typical example of a Sinhalese ritual mask. The Sinhalese use the mask during 1) Kolam dancing - dramatic performances representing both human and superhuman characters 2) Devil dancing - associated with exorcising rituals, removing devils and illnesses from people 3) Sokari dancing - worn during theatre performances or Devolmadu ceremonies, or public rituals in Sri Lanka.

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