Friday, December 30, 2011

JAPAN ~Kotoji Lantern-Kanazawa-Ishikawa~

...And with this wonderful wintery garden scene (JP-224091)I'm saying goodbye to 2011...It was a great "postcard year"... I want to thank all my postcard friends because without you all I couldn't made my blog and a big thanks to all visitors (over 31.000-from 171 countries)...I hope to see you all again in 2012!!


With great stamps too.Thanks Asuka!

Kenrokuen is classified as one of Japan's "three most beautiful landscape gardens". Kenrokuen features various ponds, streams, waterfalls, bridges, teahouses, trees, stones and flowers. The water for the many streams and rivers of the park is diverted from a distant river by a sophisticated water system constructed in 1632. The name Kenrokuen literally means "Garden of the Six Sublimities", referring to spaciousness, seclusion, artificiality, antiquity, abundant water and broad views, which according to Chinese landscape theory are the six essential attributes that make up a perfect garden.

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