Thursday, December 8, 2011

IRELAND ~Trim Castle~

Fantastic castle view... And it is also "famous" because Braveheart was filmed here... Ireland is already a long time on my wishlist for a walking holiday!! Thanks a lot Claudia!!

And with a wonderful Christmas stamp!!

Trim,Co. Meath: Charmingly situated on the River Boyne, Trim Castle is one of the oldest ecclesistical centres in Ireland. The town is a good centre for salmon and trout fishing on the Boyne and other rivers of the district. The ruined Norman Castle, the largest in Ireland was originally founded by de Lacy in 1173 and during the 13th C much was rebuilt. The present well preserved ruines occupy an area of two acres, in which at one period Prince Henry (later Henry V) was kept prisoner. (from the back of the card)

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