Tuesday, November 8, 2011

THE NETHERLANDS ~The world famous book shelf, Anne Frank house~

Got a very special postcard today...This card shows the place where she wrote her famous diary that a lot of people must have read or known...I really think that the story of Anne is a very sad but touching story that should be remembered and treasured forever. Heel erg bedankt Wendela!!

On October 14th, PostNL has launchend a real stamp, featuring Postcrossing!I must be one of the first to receive this stamp. GREAT!!

The Anne Frank House is probably the most famous attraction in Amsterdam. This is the actual house where Anne Frank, her family, and four others spent two years in hiding before being betrayed and turned in to the Nazis. This house was converted into a museum to preserve the horrific memories of the Holocaust.Her diary was found, kept and published in 1947. The book has been translated into 67 languages.

..."Think of all the beauty still left around us and be happy." Anne Frank...

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