Wednesday, September 14, 2011

UKRAINE ~Pedestrian Park Bridge~

Got a wonderful bridge view from Alex! Reading about Trukhanov Island I think it must be a great place to visit, a litle "heaven" in the big city of Kiev... I was wondering... have you ever been there?:D Thanks a lot Alex!!

With nice Ukraine stamp of Yuri Gagarin issued for the 50th anniversary of Human Spaceflight!The stamp also has the famous autograph of the astronaut.

Park Pedestrian Bridge is a light construction 400 metres in length that connects Kiev to the Trukhanov Island. Opened in 1957, this is the only bridge constructed specifically for the pedestrian traffic over the Dnipro river.
Trukhanov Island is a beautiful green space in the heart of Kiev, and is a favorite destination for both locals and visitors. Island visitors can enjoy wonderful beaches, cafes, bars, restaurants, a number of sport activities such as beach football (soccer), swimming, tennis, biking and during the winter months snow skiing. Fishermen believe that this oasis is a lucky place.

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