Thursday, September 8, 2011

SRI LANKA ~The Tempel of Tooth Relic, Kandy ~

Thanks Ravindra for this great card from the past...
And I love the legend about it!! According to the legend, the tooth was taken from the Buddha as he lay on his funeral pyre. It was smuggled to Sri Lanka in 313 AD, hidden in the hair of Princess Hemamali who fled the Hindu armies besieging her father's kingdom in India. A great story...:D

Located in Kandy, (the country’s most celebrated cultural city) long a center of the Buddhist faith, the stunning 17th-century Temple of the Tooth (Sri Dalada Maligawa) is believed to house the left upper canine tooth of the Lord Buddha himself. This precious relic attracts white-clad pilgrims, bearing lotus blossoms and frangipani, every day.

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