Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Thanks to my dear postcard friend Ravindra I received another delicious looking food card. This time instead of a breakfast postcard view (received march7) it shows what they eat for lunch and dinner, Curry and Rice...
Immediately when I saw this card I thought... it must be fantastic if it taste as good as it looks... I'm wondering how it smells, if it taste hot and spicy...

With 4 nice stamps of the zodiac series, issued on October 9, 2007 and two stamps of four issued on 14th May 2011 to mark the 2600th Sambudda Jayanthi centenary of the enlightenment of Buddha.

More than 15 varieties of rice are grown on Sri Lanka, from tiny white, translucent pearl shapes to long-grained Basmati and the red Kakukuhaal.The fully cooked (not al dente) rice has the highly spiced accompaniments rubbed into it and each mouthful is gently massaged by hand to mix the flavors.
Sri Lankan Rice & Curry usually includes a variety of small curry dishes - vegetable, meat or fish and a proper Sri Lanka Rice & Curry would not be swimming in sauce (isma), as this would be too messy!

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