Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SRI LANKA ~Sri Lankan Budhist Monks~

What a coincidence... Received two beautiful cards from Sri Lanka on the same day!:D But both soooo very different, one shows a great nature scene from "Little England" and the other one is a wonderful spiritual, religious "Buddhist" view.
The Budhist celebrated their most important "Vedak" festival for two days, on the 17th and 18th May this year.

Thanks to Ravindra and Yasara I've learned something new about one of my favorite islands.:D:D
And as usual with a lot of great stamps!

Each year during the month of May, Sri Lanka celebrates the "Vesak" Festival. Vesak is a Buddhist religious celebration focusing on the triple anniversary of Buddha. This triple anniversary refers to his birth, his attainment of Enlightenment, and his passing into Nirvana at the end of his life. The celebration is highly regarded by Sri Lankans throughout the country.

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