Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FRANCE ~The Mont Saint-Michel-UNESCO~

Since I've seen a documentary on TV about this place it is always been high on my wihslist for a visit...Being one of the first sites to obtain on the UNESCO World Heritage List and with more than 3 million visitors a year, a lot of people must think the same!:D So having a postcard showing "The Saint-Michel Mount" is great!!

Le Mont-Saint-Michel, rocky, cone-shaped islet in northwestern France, in the Gulf of Saint-Malo, connected by a causeway with the mainland. The islet, celebrated for its Benedictine abbey, has small houses and shops on its lowest level. Above these stand the monastic buildings, many of which date from the 13th century and are considered outstanding examples of Gothic architecture. The entire islet is crowned by the abbey church, about 73 m (about 240 ft) above sea level.


  1. Hello!
    Great blog and awesome postcard collection :)
    I study tourism. I dream about visiting Mont Saint-Michel since I've found out about this place on some lecture :)
    Beutiful postcard :)
    Regards and I'm sorry for my English,
    Ela (Poland)

  2. Hi Ela!

    Thanks for visiting!
    Hopefully thanks to your study you will be able to visit this and many other beautiful places...