Monday, January 31, 2011

SRI LANKA ~Sigiriya Frescoes-UNESCO~

Thanks to Ravindra I have a new great addition to my UNESCO collection... And one of the most famous from Sri Lanka! The King was known to have 500 concubines, of which he had frescoes painted. These frescoes have survived thousands of years and are still in amazing condition, mainly due to the natural pigments used by the artists..
Can't believe that they are so well preserved after so many years... Just beautiful!!
Some countries have so many different and great stamps!!

Sigiriya (Lion's rock) is an ancient rock fortress and palace ruin situated in the central Matale District of Sri Lanka, surrounded by the remains of an extensive network of gardens, reservoirs, and other structures. A popular tourist destination, Sigiriya is also renowned for its ancient paintings (frescos), which are reminiscent of the Ajanta Caves of India. The Sigiriya was built during the reign of King Kassapa I (AD 477 – 495), and it is one of the seven World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka.

Hidden in a cave along the citadel at Sigiriya are some of the most magnificent ancient frescoes in South Asia.

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