Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NIGERIA ~Cultural Dance~

HOORAY!!! A WRITTEN and STAMPED card from Nigeria arrived today!! The sender wrote that it is really difficult to find Nigeria views, but I don't mind... Any card from this "Hard-To-Get" country is amazing!!:D Love the colorful outfit of the dansers!
Nice stamps too!!

Music and dance are integral to Nigerian culture, and each ethnic group has its own specialties.Dance also has many varieties: Ishan stilt dancers in colourful costumes twist themselves in the air; while one Tiv dance, called ajo, features male dancers who work in pairs, and another involves teams of women who perform a dance called icough by composing songs about current events. Dance for the Ubakala shows their value system, helps resolve conflicts, and also institutes changes. Ekiti Yoruba dancers wear head masks so heavy that they can only do processional dances. The Hausa, who do not consider dancing to be a craft, divide their dances into the categories of social dancing and ceremonial bòorii dances.


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