Tuesday, December 7, 2010

GERMANY ~Clausthal-Zellerfeld~

Official nr 2(DE-775728) is a lovely multiview showing the home place of the sender! Nice stamps too!

The mountain and university town of Clausthal-Zellerfeld (15,000 inhabitants) is the center of the Harz Mountains. The former mining (construction) urban Clausthal and Zellerfeld were once in the middle of one of the most famous mining areas in Europe.That is long past but today is the city and distinctive landscape shaped by the historical mining - of which many buildings, the mountain meadows, woods and cultural monuments are evidence Oberharzer water shelf with its many ponds, ditches and water courses (tunnel).
But the city also has a lively university and is a certified health resort. People hungry guests will find summer and winter sports and leisure facilities, for quickly you're out in the open and can walk, walking, mountain biking and more.

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