Thursday, November 25, 2010

PHILIPPINES ~ The endangered Philippine Eagle~

Got an impressive bird card today! (SG-33988) Card was sent by someone from The Philippines who works in Singapore... This specie can only be found in the Philippines and is also called "Haribon" which means "King Bird". Unfortunately they are threatened with extinction because many people cut down trees or kill the philippine eagle and sell them.

The Philippine Eagle, also known as the Great Philippine Eagle or Monkey-eating Eagle, is among the rarest, largest, and most powerful birds in the world. This bird of prey is endemic to forests in the Philippines, where it is the national bird.It is the largest eagle in the world with an impressive wingspan of 2 meters. Aside from its size, the Philippine Eagle has brown tufts on it’s head which resembles a lions mane which gives the bird of pray its regal appearance similar to common depictions of the mythological griffin.


  1. I wish to receive the same postcard and a Republika nang Pilipinas map postcards. If you have any, hope you can message me in my blog at and we can swap.

  2. The cards showing on my blog are all RECEIVED ones and not for trade!!! Sorryy...