Thursday, November 4, 2010

BELGIUM ~Antwerp~

Got a wonderful, fantastic card from... my own country today!! A view of a majestic sailing ship on the river Scheldt and with the Cathedral of Our Lady. Sent by a friends "shopping trip" to Antwerp.(The Meir is the most famous shopping street in Antwerp).
I would love to go sailing on one of those amazing ships but I'm afraid I will be seasick!

With great stamp of a worldwide famous strip from Belgium.Spike and Suzy, the British title for Suske en Wiske in Dutch, is a comics series created by the Belgian comics author Willy Vandersteen. The strip is known as Bob et Bobette in French and Willy and Wanda in the U.S.(Set of Five stamps from the animation movie " De Texas Rakkers")

Antwerp is a city and municipality in Belgium and the capital of the Antwerp province in Flanders, one of Belgium's three regions. Antwerp has long been an important city in the nations of the Benelux both economically and culturally, especially before the Spanish Fury of the Dutch Revolt. It is located on the right bank of the river Scheldt, which is linked to the North Sea by the estuary Westerschelde.

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