Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Wow!! To find such wonderful envelope from Argentina in my mailbox today is so great ... This stamps are one of the most beautiful I ever received and with one of my favorite animals the whale!! It can't be better!! I think those stamp sheets and special label are just so nice as postcards and really interesting...
Thanks Viviana for this great surprise. :D:D

Miniature sheet of 2 of 2 designs: "Argentine Arctartica-Members of the first Argentine Polar Expedition" issued on24 september 2005 from a set of 3 sheets!
Miniature sheet of 2 of 2 designs: "Tribute to His Holiness The Pope John Paul II" issued on 23 april 2005 from a set of 3 sheets!
Stamps from a sheet of 4: "Natural Monuments" issud on 8 Juli 2006!

Since 1998, the Argentine Post adds to their shipping systems a label sticker. During the current year were put into circulation labels illustrated with the isotype of the Bicentennial of the May Revolution, accompanied by the issuance of commemorative postage stamps. And for the first time a legend is added: STOP DISCRIMINATION PREVENTION is key to HIV.

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