Thursday, October 21, 2010

SRI LANKA ~Ruwanweli Seya- Anuradhapura-UNESCO~

And thanks to Ravindra I got another fantastic surprise card from Sri Lanka!
One of the first countries on my list as "dream holiday destinations"...I know, I said it already a few times before but...there must be a reason why Sri Lanka or "sacred island" is known as "The Pearl of the Indian Ocean"...
The building is looking wonderful but I like the tree in front also a lot... I'm wondering what kind of tree it is? Thank you very much Ravindra!!!

With great matching stamps of Anuradhapura!

Standing at 300 feet, the wondrous Stupa, Ruwan weli seya (meaning Golden Sand Stupa in Sinhalese) at Anuradhapura of north-central Sri Lanka is one of the world's major archaeological sites.

Much restored, the great dome, painted a gleaming white is busy with pilgrims throughout the day on any day of the year. It is believed the hero of the nation, King Dutugamunu was inspired by seeing a bubble of air floating on water. In spite of the height of 100 meters & thousands of tons of bricks, the attempt has been a success: all you see is the skin of white paint that seems to envelope a pocket of air. The pinnacle of Golden Sand Stupa is 24 ft, in height. The crest gem on the pinnacle is a gift from Burma. Within the dome in a closed chamber are enshrined sacred relics of Buddha, valuable gems, statues made of gold & various valuable objects.

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