Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Received again a wonderful card today, an amazing view of San Marino, also know as "The Land of Freedom”. Its my second card from this place...

The country is the third smallest in Europe, with only Vatican City and Monaco being smaller in size.

The towers are located on the three peaks of Mount Titano and are depicted on the coat of arms and flag of San Marino. The first tower, Guaita, which is the oldest of the three and was constructed in the 11th century to be used as a prison. The second tower is Cesta, is located on the highest peak of Mount Titano and was constructed in the 13th century. The tower is now home to a museum which was built in 1956, to honor Saint Marinus, the founder of the island. The third tower, Montale, is the smallest of the three towers, was constructed in the 14th century, is not open to the public and is privately owned.

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