Wednesday, October 13, 2010

FINLAND ~Cloudberries~

And a nice official from Finland (FI-919813) with "cloudberries" on. I would love to taste them... :-)

Cloudberry — also known as baked-apple berry — grows in the wild throughout Finland, being most abundant on the bogs of Lapland. Cloudberries are picked from July to August. They are high in vitamin C and are often eaten fresh with sugar and whipped cream. They are also used to make jams, purees, liqueurs, parfaits and a multitude of other desserts.
The berries are reddish orange and tough when raw, and turn bright yellow-orange and soft when ripened. Their taste is slightly tart but delicious. However, when tasting cloudberries for the first time, many foreigners from outside Scandinavia do not like their unusual, sweet-and-sour taste and the numerous large seeds they contain.

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