Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yeaaah!!! It's been a while but today I received another new place for my collection... A great nature view of Sark, an island near to Guersney.
No cars are allowed, not many people, just beauty, peace and quiet... Must be a wonderful holiday destination! :-)

Normally I thank everyone who sent me a card personnaly but I really don't know from whom this card is.... So a BIG THANKS from here!!^__^

Guernsey also has its own stamps and currency

Step back in time in beautiful Sark. Traffic-free and overflowing with natural beauty, the island is easily reached by ferry from Guernsey.
Stunning coastal views and a picturesque rural interior are best experienced either on foot or by bicycle (available for rent on the island). The journey from Guernsey to Sark by boat is a distance of 9 miles and takes approximately 45 minutes.

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