Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CHINA ~Belgian Pavilion-Shanghai~

Yesterday I was talking about the Shanghai World Expo 2010 and today I found a postcard in my mailbox showing the Belgian Pavilion sent from Shanghai... Great!!

Belgium has translated the “BetterCity, Better Life” theme into a pavilion that is characterised on the outside by neat lines in recyclable materials. The building has been designed and constructed so that it can be used again and for other purposes after the Expo, and is easy to dismantle and rebuild. A conscious decision was made not to build on the whole site, instead reserving around one third for green space. The building’s energy consumption has been optimised, for instance by limiting the use of glass to the north façade in order to reduce the building’s heat load. On the roof, 1100 m² solar panels generate energy for use by the kitchens and the restaurant.
The inspiring overall concept of the Brain Cell, or neuron, inside the pavilion demonstrates the importance of science to the intellectual and cultural development of our society and symbolises our highly globalised and complex world with all of its communication facilities. It is a direct reference to innovation in the field of biotechnology, chemistry and nanotechnology. The Brain Cell also calls forth associations with the wealth of art in Belgium and Europe. Finally, this key concept represents Belgium as a crossroads of civilisation and centre of Europe, which has its own Expo space in our pavilion – a first in the history of the World Expo.

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