Tuesday, September 14, 2010

CANADA ~Mount Christie and Mount Brussels-Jasper National Park- Alberta-UNESCO~

Love those beautiful Canadian nature views... This card is really special because its with a view of Mount Brussels (our Belgian capital) I think this is one of reasons for the name:
Edith Louise Cavell (1865-1915) was a British nurse during World War I. In 1907, she went to Brussels as a nurse, but by 1914 was put in charge of a unit whose main purpose was to help soldiers trapped behind enemy lines rejoin their units. To the German army, this was treason, and she was executed by firing squad. Today she is remembered as a heroine, and to some, a martyr. In 1916, the snow-capped face of this 3,363 m. (11,033 ft.) peak was renamed in her honour.
Thanks for chosing this great card for me!!

Jasper National Park is the largest wilderness park in the Canadian Rockies. The park encompasses more than 10,000 square km, and has more than 1,000 km in trails. Jasper National Park is also an integral part of the UNESCO Rocky Mountain World Heritage Site, and one of the core parts of the largest national park system in the world.

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