Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Received a wonderful envelope! A special relaesed stationary postcard in Argentina for one of the most important philately events this year in Antwerp (Belgium). It was in April: Antverpia 2010. Since 19990 every four years is Birdpex a gathering of collectors and collections from all over the world. Unfortunately I couldn't visit it...:-( But I'm so happy with this beautiful bird card....

The Toucan shown on the stationary postcard is known in Argentina as Arasi Chico-it is 30to33cm long. Its song is like a repetitive vocalization, rough and cavernous. It inhabits the medium and shady strata of the Misones provinde forests thickets in Argentina. It is rarely seen in nature and this justifies that special attention be given tot the conservation of this species.

I also always love all the interesting information included in the evelopes Viviana sent... GREAT!!

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