Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BELGIUM ~Nieuwpoort~

Found three great cards in mailbox after this long free weekend....
A very interesting multiview showing a beautiful church in Romania and with a lovely bee stamp. I loved all the interesting information on the card!
Another wonderful whale card, can't have enough cards of my favourite animal! :-)
And such a nice "surprise" from our own Belgian coast. I must admit I never seen the turtle of Jan Fabre...(I certainly gonna see it on my next trip to our coast) I think most of us have their favorite city to visit on the sea... I mostly go to Westend! To have been there this weekend with such a warm, sunny weather must been fantastic! ( I'm a bit jealous ^___^)

The famous “SEARCHING FOR UTOPIA” of JAN FABRE (Beaufort I, 2003) : a giant sea turtle takes the artist with him/her to the sea, into the sea, across the sea, …

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  1. Hallo Gerda,
    het was inderdaad leuk.
    In de namiddag zijn we nog naar Nederland geweest (Sluis) en ik heb vandaar ook een kaartje gestuurd.