Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FINLAND ~Chequered blue~

Received a wonderful butterfly maxi-card today. They are one of my favourite animals! I try to fill my own garden with lots of butterfly plants. It makes me each summer so happy to see them in my garden.... Gardening is also a great hobby of mine! :-)

The Chequered Blue Butterfly (Scolitantides orion) belongs to the Lycaenidae family of gossamer-winged butterflies. The male is 13 to 16 mm, and flight takes place in July. The butterfly lives in rocky areas up to 1000 m of altitude, on plants such as Sedum telephium and Sedum album.

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  1. Hello Gerda,

    I am Edit from Spain and I have just started to collect postcards.
    Would you be interested in a swap? I could send you one (or more)
    cards about Toledo, Madrid or Avila.

    Best wishes,